Mains Connection Installation, Chesham, Buckinghamshire

In this project we were required to put in a new drain mains connection from the residential property to the main road.


This was a residential project in which we had to link the mains water connection from the drains running between the road back to the property. The mains sewer was in the road and we needed to ensure this was all able to run correctly.

Job Details

This was a residential project we undertook in a built up area adjacent to a main road. We put in a new mains connection for the water to help the flow of water between the property and the road, so the water would run to the mains sewer in the road.

There was a new property being built next door and as a result of this, we needed to re-route the current / existing connection. 

During the process of this, we also had to get a pump in the road over where the existing mains connection also ran. We then had to completely re-surface the driveway, install new man holes and finished to a high standard, make sure the new driveway surface looked better than before.

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