Large Scale Industrial Groundworks and Construction Project, Preston, Lancashire

This was a large scale land development project in which we oversaw both the groundworks and construction works from scratch.


A full scale land development project and one of the largest projects we have ever undertaken, the land was originally completely empty. We developed the site and land from scratch as there was nothing on the land at the start of the works.

Job Details

Where the land had nothing on it, we had the dig off the whole land area for the building works to proceed. There was a lot of piling work undertaken also.

The overall services undertaken by our team at this site included Groundworks, tarmacing and concreting. This is now a fully functioning delivery yard for the large utilities company. 

During this project, other notable works included undertaking the installation of a drainage and groundwater system which had to be robust enough to operate on a large scale complete with hydroflows. Worth noting also was the fact we had to clear the entire land area and reduce the whole land by 1 meter pre-surfacing commencing.

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